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Why Does This Exist?

To bring power back to investors so they have financial security for themselves and their family.

How Is This Different?

You will learn an approach to investing that is grounded in morals, ethics and timeless principles.

What Does It Provide?

Information products like podcasts, books, courses and workshops on the subject of crypto investing.

Learn Via Structured Online Courses 

If you are ready to get stuck in and start reaping the benefits of the crypto revolution then this section is for you. Kind of like Netflix for crypto education, for 1 low monthly fee you get access to all online courses from Blockchain Security Essentials right through to Master Cryptocurrency Trading.

Hey Chris,

You've been of great inspiration and an amazing source of knowledge in my personal and professional development.
I took your courses a couple years ago and because of that I was able to completely understand blockchain and the cryptoverse.

I am a filmmaker from Guatemala, and I was able to raise funds for my first feature film using blockchain. This makes my film the first feature film in latin america financed and distributed using blockchain technology.

I've created this guiding video, just make sure to activate the english subtitles:

Javier B, Cryptoversity Student

Earn A Passive Income In Bitcoin

Instead of giving chunks of money to large advertising companies we prefer to convert that money into Bitcoin and then send it to independent promoters who help us spread crypto education.

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Belong To Something Bigger Than Yourself

"Leading people to freedom through education and awareness."

That is the personal mission statement written by Chris Coney which ultimately lead to the creation of Cryptoversity, the world's first online school for Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and blockchains.


Chris, like many people who discover the crypto revolution, describe having a spiritual connection to it. The prospect of freeing the whole of humanity from financial tyranny and fostering a new age of prosperity and abundance extends far beyond any one persons bank balance.


The old paradigm of "spirituality OR materiality" is being replaced by an integrated approach in which material success comes as the reward for the value an individual provides to the whole.


But we need a system that facilitates this new paradigm, one that allows it to operate uninterrupted and uncorrupted.


Cryptoversity and the larger crypto revolution goes far beyond a new type of money, it extends to a fundamental transformation in the way we live. A life of personal freedom and sovereignty.


Cryptoversity is a purpose driven organisation, lead by a purpose driven individual, seeking other purpose driven individuals who feel that this is their calling.


So join us as a student, an affiliate, a supporter or contact us via the helpdesk with ideas on how else you'd like to play your part.

"vires in numeris"

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