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What Are Some Of The Things People Use These Consultations For?

  • Converting ICO Tokens To Mainnet Tokens

    Marc had purchased a quantity of Ethereum based Theta tokens during an ICO. The Theta mainnet had been launched so he wanted help to make sure he correctly converted his Ethereum based tokens into the real Theta tokens on the mainnet. He understood the process but wanted someone there to guide him while he completed the process, just to make sure no mistakes were made. This was completed successfully.

  • ICO Team Wanted Advice On Structure And Marketing

    A three person project team were planning an ICO but had questions about the best way to go about certain things. They were able to discuss the items they were not clear about, get some new ideas about how they could achieve what they intended and came away clearer about how they were going to move forward.

  • Regaining Access To Bitcoin In A Hardware Wallet

    Carl had a quantity of Bitcoin in his hardware wallet but entering his password was not unlocking the wallet. After much troubleshooting we collaborate with the support department of the wallet manufacturer and was able to identify the issue, resolve it and Carl got access to his funds again.

Please be aware that everyone has different circumstances. There is no guarantee that the same outcome can be obtained if you find yourself in a similar situation to what you read here. These have to be dealt with case by case.

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