The Digital Money Revolution
Master The Basics Of Bitcoin And Own A Stake In The Future Of Money

Welcome to The Digital Money Revolution Course
It's time to master the basics of Bitcoin, and how the technology has been applied to money.

It's NOT your fault.


I mean you can’t escape from a financial prison if you don’t even know you are in one. That’s like asking a fish what water is. If the fish has never been out of the water he has no idea what you are talking about.


Up until now we have all been trapped inside the corrupt financial system where the abuse of power and white collar financial crime is commonplace.


All hope seemed lost... until Bitcoin.


For the first time in human history we have the opportunity to build a fair, equitable and incorruptable environment in which to build a new financial system.


Welcome to The Digital Money Revolution.


My name is Chris Coney, the Founder of Cryptoversity, the world’s first online school for learning about Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and blockchains, and I’ll be your instructor.


I’m also the creator of The Cryptoverse podcast which has grown to tens of thousands of subscribers and is downloaded hundreds of thousands of times a month


I have:

  1. An honours degree in computer science
  2. Been in the information technology industry since 2005
  3. Provided educational material to the cryptocurrency community since 2014

I designed this course for anyone who is looking for a comprehensive answer to the question "What is Bitcoin?" that goes beyond what you can find out for yourself.


The primary purpose of this course is to take you from confusion to the point where you can talk about the digital money revolution confidently.

By The End Of This Course You'll Have Learned...

  • How to explain Bitcoin to other people so that they understand it

    They say that you do not understand something unless you can explain it to someone else. By the end of this course you'll be able to speak to others about Bitcoin confidently.

  • How to buy some Bitcoin

    Buying some Bitcoin is actually a lot simpler than you think and definitely a lot simpler than people make out.

  • How to use or spend your Bitcoin

    There are many places you can use your Bitcoin, we'll cover those after we have the foundation of understanding built.

  • How to explain to other people what is wrong with our current financial system

    Once people understand what is wrong with the current system it's much easier for them to understand how amazing Bitcoin is as the solution.

  • The various roles you can play in the Bitcoin economy

    Once you have a firm understanding of Bitcoin then you can decide which role you wish to play yourself.

  • How to setup your own easy to use Bitcoin wallet

    You'll get setup with a wallet that works seamlessly on your phone and on your computer.

  • How to explain to other people why Bitcoin is inevitably going to change the world

    People can read about Bitcoin online endlessly, but if they have someone they know who gets it, that's incredibly valuable to them.

  • How to use Bitcoin to protect your wealth from an economic crisis

    Bitcoin is becoming a safe haven because it exists outside of the old financial system. Bitcoin lives on the Internet which exists in it's own virtual realm.

I Have Structured This Course To Give A 360 View

Bitcoin is such a new concept that it requires a shift in the way we think in order to understand it.


The system is so multifaceted that we have to look at it through several different lenses and them put all those perspectives together to get the full 360 degree view.

The Technology

Bitcoin is a set of technologies put together in the most creative way you can imagine to create a money network.

The Currency

The Bitcoin network allows money to be both digital and scarce for the first time ever in human history.

The Economy

The Internet has it's own economy but until Bitcoin, it didn't have it's own money. It's the first truly global currency for all.

An innovative technology requires an innovative learning method.


I start out with a formal definition spanning two paragraphs which initially will mean little or nothing to you. I then proceed to break down the definition and dedicate a lesson to each of the concepts individually.


This ultimately results in lots of little learnings which, when put together, gives you the biggest 'ah ha!' moment you can imagine.

I Describe Ideal Students For This Course As...

  1. People looking for a comprehensive answer to the question 'What is Bitcoin?' that goes beyond what you can find out yourself
  2. People who want a good blend of the basic technology, money, economics and use of Bitcoin

  3. People who like diagrams

  4. People who want a fully rounded understanding of Bitcoin

If you think you have missed the boat, if you think it's too late to get involved... 


You couldn't be more wrong. The number of people with this level of understanding is tiny. Become one of them.

Before you enroll...

Before you enroll, please make sure you are willing to complete the full course to get a complete understanding. Ideally this course should be taken on a desktop or laptop computer. You should also maintain a spirit of openness because Bitcoin is a very different concept.

Feel free to watch these sample lessons from the course and then sign up with confidence!

Introduction and Overview

What Is Money Really?

What experts say about Cryptoversity...

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Chris Coney

Founder, Cryptoversity

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The Full List Of Lessons

Module: Bitcoin - The Technology

Module: Bitcoin - The Currency

Module: Why Our Current System Is Broken

Module: Bitcoin Wallets

Module: Supporting The Bitcoin Economy

Module: How To Get Some Bitcoin

Module: How To Spend Bitcoin

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See you on the inside,

Chris Coney

Founder of Cryptoversity, the world's first online school to teach online courses about Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and blockchains.

P.S.: Not only are you getting a tour of the Bitcoin network and its technology, but you'll also see how Bitcoin fixes the biggest problems with our current monetary system.

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